Goddess clothes production


The production process:

Most of the clothes are made in a small workshop in Bali, Indonesia with a Javanese tailor called Sulhan.

Since ten years Lies and Sulhan work together as a team: she designs and he technically translates this into patterns. They try out all the different models several times until there comes a compromise between the desired effect and the real wearability of the garment.

They make two seasons a year, that comes down to 20 to 30 models made in different sizes.

Nearly all fabrics are natural fibres and dyed in different colours by hand. Different techniques are used to work on the material:
handpainting by batik, handpainting with pigments on top with pencils, screenprinting, application stiched by machine, embroideries (decorative lines stiched on top), patchwork (fabrics cut and sewn back together with or without fringing), knitted finishings done by hand, also fringing, metal decorations and joining with elastic ropes and many others.

production production production

The fabrics used are dyed and tested. This takes about two or three weeks. The patterning takes another four weeks. Then the production can start by cutting the fabric and explaining to all different tailors how the finishing has to be.

Finally all clothes are checked on faults and measurments. They can be packed and shipped to Belgium. The total production takes minimum three months until five months.