Goddess clothes are designed by Lies De Peuter

This is her vision on designing clothes and dressing people:


Clothes can empower people

Making clothes and dressing people is an act of transformation.
I would like to compare this to acting. The minute the actor puts on his costume, walks onstage and starts to perform, he becomes a different person. In the same way we transform ourselves when we put on our clothes in the morning.
Putting on powerful garments like the Goddess clothes, can make people feel different about themselves. Choosing the right dress for the day is an act of empowerment. Goddess clothes certainly help to create an image of powerful well-being.

The clothes are made of authentic designs, strong fabrics and dyed in natural earth colours. The main objective is to make beautiful clothes for women next to a small range for men. Goddess clothes do not follow fashion trends, but are a trend in their own. The art of the design, the choice of fabric and colour and the production process add to a visually very recognisable garment. Goddess clothes stand out in the perception of the beholder, because of their uniqueness.

Women Warriors

"A woman has to think like a man, behave like a lady, look like a young girl and work like a horse!"

This quote may seem extreme, but even in the 21st Century women in all cultures have to multitask. They combine children with jobs, are in charge of households, finances and businesses and function as wives, mothers, lovers…
You have to be a woman warrior indeed, to face up to all of these stressful demands. That’s why I like to make clothes that give my female clients a feeling of being in control of their own lives. They make their choices, they hold their heads up high and don’t submit to social pressures.
I, myself have been inspired by the ancient image of the Triple Goddess, that has withstand the impact of time and stands stronger than ever.

The Tripple Goddess

The image of the devine feminine as a tripple deity has been the biggest inspiration for the Goddess clothes - collection.

  • The Maiden: a young woman who is a warrior for herself, clarity of mind, is set on her goals in life, a fighter
  • The Mother: a creator of life, a protector of all life forms
  • The Matriarch: a wise woman, a transformator between this world and others, a shaman, she who walks between the worlds

This image of the Tripple Goddess has been clearly documented by Marija Gimbutas in The language of the Goddess and by the different groups of new witchcraft movements like the Goddess Reclaiming Movement of Starhawk and others. Joseph Cambell, scientist in comparative mythology, has opened the road for links to other cultures where the divine feminine is still a powerful image.

Tribal art

Tribal art in general is another mark of the Goddess clothes collection. The use of prime symbols like spirals, concentric circles, parallel lines, dots, curls and old alphabets like Runes are constant recurring themes in the collection.
Also the use of earth colours is an essential item. Therefore Goddess clothes uses the four pigments that have always been central in primitive art: black, white, yellow ochre and red earth. These essential colours refer to the four elements and the four human races.

Herstory: Erik Willems and Wovoka

"Goddess" started off as a clothing label in 1993 as spin-off from “Wovoka”, a group of performers who's intention was to bring awareness about life giving forces via dance rituals.

The name “Wovoka” was the name of a north-american indian medicine man who introduced the “ghost dance”. He had visions in which he saw that by dancing trance-dances the world could be healed. The white man feld so threatened by these rituals that they massacred full tribes in the battle of “Wounded knee”. This finally lead to a great shame of the white nation, that by killing peaceful people they could not wipe out their belief in mother nature. The belief that every plant, rock, animal and human has a soul. That everything is alive.

The Great Earth Goddess as Marja Gimbutas. The archealogist from Lituania shows her many aspects as a life-giver and transformer. She is beautifully described in the following text
written by Erik Willems, founder of Wovoka and co-creator of many Goddess designs

She speaks:

I am earth,moon and sea
I am a virgin,a woman and a witch
I rule life and death
Cherish the sleeping souls at my breast
I am the big snake,sleep
Throw off my skin,transform
I am the phoenixbird,burn to ash
And fly young and strong to my lover,the sun
I am the protector of the eternal
Flowing,roaring,source of life
Out of my womb swim birds,plants,rocks,humans children,animals
While I eat them
I am the law of everlasting life
Through me and in me everything returns to be reborn
Dancing in spirals
Sparkling in colours
I am the carrier of the greatest mystery
The eternal self-renewing life
I am the seed in the frozen earth
Ready to develop my powers again
When the first sunrays kiss me
I am the symbol of all lifeshapes in nature
My power,my soul is equal in every
I am the protector of the paradise people
I will make Atlantis rise from the sea
I do not demand sacrifices or blood
But shiver from joy
When I taste the colours of your love
I live in the depths of the earth
Rule the cycles of the moon
I give birth to new life,harvest death
I am the mistress of wild things
I am a gluttonous paramour
Proud of my breasts,buttocks,belly and sensual lips
I want to dance with my lover
Around the fire at full moon
He is the king deer,the minotaur,Cernunnos
Horned god,cherish me
Satisfy my lust
Protect my children
I am the owl
Foreshadow of death
I am the sap from the tree of life
I am the vulture,eating dead bodies
I am the moisture in the womb of the pregnant woman
I am the abyss,the labyrinth
I am the balance between destruction and creation
I was sunken for thousands of years
In your subconciousness
I was believed to be dead
Persecuted,burned as a witch
I had to hide in the darkest woods
And the deepest caves
To bundle my powers again
Now the hated sterile gods are dead
My time has come

I am the great goddess